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Paste Fericit!

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If you are interested,I offer more specials pillows…..




back poppies

back poppies

full of poppies

full of poppies



crochet 2

crochet 2

Easter gifts

Hristos a înviat!

This is our  easter greeting !

With this,  I have proposed to make you a gift!

I will show you my latest creations!

I hope you enjoy them!

purple sweet

my first quilt



hand made

hand made 1


about my hobby

When I was a little girl, I enjoyed everything keeps working hand, today, we call this hand-made!

Now, at my age, I kept these habits! And, for this I am happy !

My regrets are related to the fact that our new generation has no education hub of these kind of hobbies, at least, te area where I live!

My wish, is to share with you my thoughts and achievements in this direction!

And, because, I talked about my childhood, I want to show you something beautiful made by my mother (God would forgive her!), old things made it in cross stitches with silk plant , and, which I have give them a new life ( was country rugs and now are ornament pillows)


old and new


poppy flower

cross stitches


What do you think! Aren’t special?

It is true that I had from whom to inherit the love for hand work!

Next time I want to show you what I do for our new generation, how I think that we can cultivate a taste for beauty and tradition!

Until then, waiting for your comments ,I wish you all the best!


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